Help for Online Selling


Basic Starter Tips

Read below: Decide if you want to sell on auctions, have a web store, or start out with booth or pre-made store.

Read sites FAQ First to Learn


Success Online Takes Time

Use the site if you want to start selling on Auctions, learn how it works to help your buyers. Build up good ratings there. Some sites have listing fees, fees for features and a final sales fee too, Some have only fees for extras and a final fee so you can list many items which is important.


Set up your Profile & accounts First

  1. Look at other stores, auctions & booths. See complete descriptions, how much for shipping, do they accept Paypal?  Look for good close up photos, inc. any defects also. Mention if you combine shipping if they buy more than one item, how long before you ship, how,  do you inc. insurance? Do you ship only to certain countries or worldwide? All important to convey Clearly to buyers.
  2. Learn about the site, read FAQ & all Help pages first.
  3. Make a Paypal account or other payment site, before listing items you need to set a profile with your information for payments & your policies. 
  4. Do you accept returns, do you pay for buyer to ship back to you for refunds? If not put in listing to be sure sales are Final.

5. Learn how it works, in some cases your payment site or buyers card company will refund them.  These are the groundwork things you need to do before listing items, or opening a store.

We suggest you not build an expensive website, pay for advertising, until you have done some selling first.  Auctions are a good way to learn.

6. You do not need to have a Special Business bank account or process credit cards if you use Paypal with a regular bank account or other pay sites for a small fee they charge to sellers.

7. See if your state or county requires a business license easy to get one for a fee. Does your state have sales tax, you normally will need to pay the money you charge online buyers from your state on to your state quarterly IF you live in the same state with state tax. You need to know these things before selling. State and Federal income taxes may be due also if you make over a certain amount even at auctions, if it is not your own personal collectible items you are selling. You can deduct fees such as items bought to sell, bank fees, Paypal, Auction & other fees inc. Post Office box ( suggested) for buying and selling online.


Fun to work online! But U Must be a self starter

Whatever you are selling, photos, collectibles, your artwork, Learn more about it first and know the language. Example, Books HB hard bound, DJ ( dust jacket) with cover, conditions VG very good, poor etc. Antiques must be a certain age, and cannot be called that if they are a recent copy of the item.  There is a lot to learn, many sites you can Google for help, Use forums, even has a large community chat, (handmade items) has forums for help, does also. Look for HELP links on sites to learn how they work & read or ask questions as a NEWBIE in chats.

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We hope this helped you get a start.

Good Luck with your Online Business! 

Help for Online Selling

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